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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

As we navigate through Mental Health Awareness Week (also acknowledged as a whole month...🙏🏾!), here at In Good Comp’nee, Meditation and Prayer is essential to our day to day lives. The centering of the mind and body to align with a Higher Source is a powerhouse for activating the “Godbody” within us all and kicking the funk off that life endlessly ATTEMPTS to attach to us like leeches. This practice is awesome for either beginning of rise or end of day...or both.

DISCLAIMER: ** This is intended to inspire/encourage/engage. Please use this in discretionary manner as this a blueprint that can be as unique and flexible as you are, the individual engaging in this mindful meditation. 💋

IGC challenges you to this practice this week (and hopefully beyond):

🌫 Sacred place. Find a quiet space and/or designate a clean space within your sanctuary (home) to sit or lay. (FYI: laying may some times be trivial because it’s easy to fall asleep 😅)

🌫 Breath in, breath out. Start to calm your body with deep breaths in and out (maybe five to start) and begin to use these breaths to assist in decompressing from whatever is laying heavily upon you.

🌫 Set the tone for a realm of gratitude and thankfulness. This can be through thought and verbal expression. 💡 Needless to say, the things you muster up can be big AND small. ‘In all things, we give thanks.’

🌫 This should motion in some sense: visual, auditory,..maybe something like a memory, thought, question, intuitive insight, etc. Reflect on this.

🌫 Once you find you have reached completion on your self-reflection, initiate a prayer to Who you have conviction to as a Higher Power. May this be somewhat as a conversation.✨

🌫 Set intentions (a concept in setting forth action steps) : near and far. Long term or short. Wherever your heart and mind has been dictated to put forth.

🌫 Conclude. Designate a manner in which you’d like to close out this sacred time. maybe more exercise of gratitude? Amen, Inshallah, Asé? Mold this to who you are.

Wishing you all nothing short of good tidings, peace, blessings and light in your days.

with highest regard,

hazey of in good comp’nee xx

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